Custom Works

Your custom idea

Receive a suggestion for a custom color, size or product based on your preferences/project.

Send us your ideas and what product you’re interested in, and we’ll send you a suggestion for a custom Dream Mirror, Pedestal or Project.

If you want us to make a suggestion based on pictures from your space, we can accomodate that.


Large scale Custom Dream Mirrors

Two large Dream Mirrors in a custom blue color gradient and burnt with a flamethrower for distorted reflections.

Made for a private residence



TABLEAU created the exhibition design for One&Twenty, the international competition by the German Design Council aiming to promote young design talent since 2017.

We we're commissioned to create the podiums, showcasing the works of the artists.

Images: Trend Nomad

Round Dream Mirror

Round Dream Mirror in a sunlike gradient. Commissioned for a private residence.

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The Wave

In extension of Copenhagen based restaurant Babylon’s launch of their supper club concept, connecting it to the infamous nightclub at Søpavillonen (Lake Pavilion), we were tasked to create a sustainable constellation at the intersection of art and design.

Monumental pieces of copper, upcycled from a construction project, was put into play. A sustainable and contemporary solution, which also managed to satisfy the decadent associations brought on by the name, Babylon, aesthetically.

Restaurant Babylon

RAINS Storefronts

27 Store fronts across the world, all connected through a unified concept and aesthetic in harmony with the AW22 collection.

Made in collaboration with TABLEAU


Royal Saucer

Our first site-specific installation in a private residence. Floating like a spaceship in the hallway.

We made this piece for Scarlet Pleasure in the mansion where they worked on their album “Garden”, this is the first thing greeting you as you entered the home.

Custom Dream Mirror with handcrafted neonlight

In a private residence


Custom Dream Mirror mounted from the ceiling


Custom Dream Mirrors for Scarlet Pleasure stage show

Going on tour Scarlet Pleasure commissioned a series of large scale Dream Mirrors and handmade sculptures to set the scene.

Scarlet Pleasure